The Fall Of The Drowning Man
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jada stevens





#Imagine if there were only two humans left in existence#And no matter how batshit insane that other human was#When he dies #you are really and truly alone #No one else could possibly understand what it’s like to be human#except you #No one else will have any memories of Earth and growing up there as human #Add to that the history of friendship and more between these two #And oh mercy#This loss #For the Doctor #The fact that he FORGAVE the Master for a year of torture and genocide #it was for his own sake #so he wouldn’t be alone 

well fuck my life

fuck i didn’t need my heart anyways

David’s acting though..

I don’t feel bad for you. I feel bad for those suckers in your group, that you’re taking down with you. Come tomorrow they’ll be a punchline, just like you.

we gonna sit here all day?

Do you have to do what anyone tells you?

"But it was Siegel who come up with the idea that kept me out of the army. He was just a punk kid, not even fourteen, but he knew more about broads than all of the rest of us put together. He said, ‘There’s only one thing that’s gonna keep Charlie out of the army, and that’s a good long dose of the clap.’ And all my good friends agreed."